Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home away from Home...

As promised m back pretty soon.... but this is just because i dint have to do anything other than Ctrl+C & Ctrtl+V in this post...:P
As for the knowledge of those concerned I wrote this article for La-Vista, but it was not good enough to be published in the magazine of that dandy stature:(
However, abiding by my statements in my previous blog(*) I have decided to post this article here
So, it goes like this:

Hostel Life-Home away from home.

One would surely swell with pride while informing outsiders of his/her admission to IIITM. So should be the feeling when 1 lays claim to be an inhabitant of the hostel. To pen down ,a day in hostel precisely would be a herculean task, for each day in this hostel sees something or the other happening, I would try to make an attempt to put forth it in the best possible way. A typical hostler's day starts at midnight and ends in the wee hours of the morning.(under special circumstances ,in SH's.) Thanks to maniacs, who don’t abide by the actual meaning of the word 'hostler', the insomniacs don’t have to take the pain of putting on their alarm clocks, to reach in time for lectures, but Alas they are still late!
Getting up 10 mins before class, queuing up for loo and washbasins, skipping bath but not breakfast (the best meal of the day),sleeping in lectures forms an integral part of the day to day life. Once back from lectures you have the general 'BAKAR' session going on, where the topics range from one's exciting encounter to grave national issues. After a long ‘BAKAR’ session it’s time for gaming on LAN, a boon for all the hostlers, who cannot imagine a day without it. Our Institute boasts of campus wide networking, with the dreams of combination of the LAN networks of BH,GH and even AB being fulfilled, meaning that internet permeates the space we live in. But this calls for more problems, shortage of IP's, and messages like "Leave IP *.*.*.*." becoming a regular on Softros. One thing which displays the real passion is Gaming on LAN. During gaming hours (usually spanning for a major part of the day)you could hear abuses being thrown from 1 end of the corridor to the other, and beware, if you are a fresher, you dare not go in the vicinity of the ones having an off day on the map, you are bound to get his spleen vented upon yourself, or playing the role of a helpless messenger.
For those who are not typically gamiacs you always have our very own PMC, dedicated specially to the love birds, waiting to greet you. None can replace the leisurely walks taken from AB to GH with your companion. And who could imagine life without 'parathas' from nearby 'dhabas' especially after an intense bakar or gaming session? Finally, how could your day end (or should I say morning start..?) without a dose of your favorite Television series, or movie which you specially downloaded for this part of the day. This is how we sum up a hostler's life. Apologies to girls if you did not subscribe to some of my views, but i can't help it, that’s how life is in the Boy's hostel.


I hope most of u would be able to relate with it and concur with ma feelings, (at least some...if not the whole nine yards..:P)Here i would take the opportunity to let ma readers know that there wont be any further posting by me till May as the majors are on the cards and m totally blank... :[(]
Though, don't be disheartened as its a matter of just 15-20 days...Till then

Signing off...Nirvaan

(read: this is the only space where i can wear my heart on sleeve and go about writing whatever i wish to)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Its been 2 days since I posted ma 1st blog....n lemme be honest, my uberexcitement over this new passion of mine is very much evident to those concerned...:P....Any new comment or follower puts me head over heels to say the least...This sounds a bit nitwit and although i was a bit skeptical about mentioning this in ma blog,i ultimately was able to cognize that its pretty normal and this is the only space where i can wear my heart on sleeve and go about writing whatever i wish to...;)
The comments received so far have been really exhorting,(although i had to literally go on wheedling most of my fainéant friends to go through it..:P) encouraging me to continue with blogging.A special mention of Mr./Ms. Anonymous... needs to be made here..ur comments were truly exhiliarating..:)....(although of late i've managed to find out who it is...:))
Anyways this blog was just out of the urge to write something, because everyone's asleep nd i hav nthin 2 do...But i promise to b back soon(If at all u 2 wud b back..:P) with some exciting stuff(hope u find dem the same ...).Till then...
Signing off... Nirvaan

p.s: I read in my 9th std, if u aren't sure of the gender of the concerned thing then u write it instead of he/she.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From cocoon to butterfly...

Blogging-the best way to let the world know about you...isnt it?
Yes, it certainly is...Well since its my 1st hand at blogging,lemme start from where it all began..err..amin from where i gained my conscience. My farthest memory goes to my 2nd standard..,nothing noteworthy though, in my school life besides my parents..(my guiding stone) realising ma potential as a bright student, very much interested in science, which obviously helped me decide my career,,it had to be engineering(as i hated bio...although i topped my school in bio in ma 10th boards;).Till secondary school, life was a cake walk, no tension,and it all went very smoothly..
After that came the most trying phase of my life(until now)..the 2 yrs @ bansal classes,Kota.I realised where i stand in this competitive world and of course as we all know, truth is bitter, the realization too wasn't any bit sweeter:P.Putting in your 200 percent and not getting the desired result did hurt,and let me tell you,it did hurt terribly. These two years were the worst period of ma academic lif,i cudn't even cut the mustard in that razor sharp competitive environment, but ..the best period in terms of experience. I came Vis-à-vis with my real self henceforth. In this period i met many people and learned from each 1 of them. So although it was not at all fruitful in terms of wat i was supposed 2 do there,but it surely was a boon in disguise,as wherevr i m 2dy its bcoz of those 2 yrs in that city of engineers.Its not that I only got a clear perception about myself but i also learned certain virtues of life, the value of money...i understood that a penny saved is penny earned....Staying there alone was a test of integrity, one had to overcome his own evil self, to liv up to your parents' expectations...and overcome many such intricacies.

So, in short, the life there taught me many things and would remain as a integral part of building the character i am today.

Signing Off..Nirvaan