Thursday, July 16, 2009

Choice...A Consequence of Conscience....

Its been a long time.... n i owe this delay to my training period.However,its better late than never.Surviving dog days of the summer in the pink city ,a week in 'the Scotland of the East was definitely refreshing..Now that i am bit of a slacker...its bak 2 blogging...During puerility we were told a numerous things..mannerisms, etiquette, discipline all forms the backbone of our life and we took them to be the pedagogues of a blissful life.
How to talk, how to to sit, how to eat..what to eat..everything."beta dont do this..beta dont do that.."and we assumed whatever we are told is correct, believing them blindfolded ..Now that i have gained conscience and matured quite a lot ,thankfully i find most, rather all of them(of course we cant do away with the exceptions) to be very true...The 'for' part being done with, lets talk about the elisions..First of all the eating habits..we were (m sure most of us were)told by our elders that fruits, green vegetables are good for health, but according to us these are the things of the past ,and we the so called Gen X B-) feed and grow on colddrinks, chips and pastries.. Things which were not talked about at home, ie we learnt from magazines or newspapers or our beloved friends is automatically believed to be a taboo(although we all practise them). The adolescent talks that we find very exciting are not to be discussed in family..we have grown up with these morals flowing in our veins.If we keenly observe...its a universal rule-anything that excites us and is not told by our elders is verboten..(I wonder why the greatest of scientists and psychologists never figured it out..:P)Right from the day of our birth the mantra of "Early to Bed, Early to rise..makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"has been crammed into our minds.And most of us did follow it until a certain age..however once we grow up and gain conscience dre r very few left to preach dis mantra(forgive me if m being a bit specific..but dis is wat i see around me)As we grow our, choices change..the same denims that we once kept for occasional wears bought on our birthdays by our parents ,now seem out of fashion, au contraire are not worth wearing even at home.Now we can do away with anything but branded clothes..This is very consequence of our maturity.We all know that smoking and drinking is injurious to health and have grown up hating people who exercise these acts..but now many of us have ourselves started them completely aware of how fatal it can be..Whom can we blame it on other than our own conscience..To sum up its not a moral speech or lecture i m delivering its just a thought i had a few days ago and wanted 2 share.
Before signing off i want to thank all dose people who have praised my posts. Hope u will like this one too.:)
Signing off-Nirvaan