Sunday, September 27, 2009

The year that far

As always..its been yonks i've explored this dimension of my self, blame it on..mmmm..well this time 'Sorry blame it on me..'(I luv this song;))This has been a very consequential year by far...Some highlights are 'The rise of a leader in the likes of Rahul Gandhi who single handedly led the UPA govt into a formidable position, The Commercialization of the Brand Called Cricket and Cricketers..How about a 'Sachin Pepsi Tendulkar' or say a 'Swapnil Nano Asnodkar' in the form of IPL..oops IPL2'.No wonder toddlers wud sun b taught 1,2,3,4,5,DLF Maximum,7..:O. Around the same time The Zoo Zoo effect caught the nerves of the Indian audience.If Hutch made Pug the ‘national’ dog, Zoo Zoo’s became the new youth icon - one that was truly missed after IPL’s grand finale. The undercover SouthAfrican svelte belly dancers compelled the viewers not to fiddle with their remote controls even during commercial breaks..Not long after was the disappointing Budget 2009,leaving the general public lamenting.After all it was the first budget post recession and too much was expected out of it(We hate Pranab Mukherjee..X-().However there was also a somewhat consoling Railway Budget(at least for Bengal)..God Bless Mamata...!!

Moving on to some International NewsMakers..The Death Of MJ(Is it a he..?Is it a She..?No..its Michael Jackson:P) and the rise of Swine Flu clearly steals the show in terms of Popularity..:P.The mysterious death of MJ triggered an outpouring of grief around the world, creating surges of Internet traffic and causing sales of his music to soar,even the likes of Obama and Manmohan Singh(I doubt he had even heard his name before..:S) couldnt help offering their condolences .On an even sadder note the H1N1 virus really spread like wildfire,affecting almost all the nations across the globe.A more personal setback was that our trip to Agra was called off.(I hate you filthy,stinky pigs)After national and International highlights moving on to some local news..The construction of Jinsi nala Pul is finally complete(frankly speaking I never expected it to run atleast until my postgraduation or shud i say Integrated Post graduation:P) and our very own DDmall is meliorating day by day(the ladies in there 2;))Oh how could i forget the Mafia Mania which has about 25 million active accounts on facebook itself leave aside, myspace and yahoo..Very few could escape this mafia mania in our college too with 'help Don X with this job' and 'Help Don Y to gain these articles' becoming a regular on facebook walls(u dont bliv it..jst chk ur wall i bet u wud;)).There are no more cases i find worth a mention here,and so its a gud bye 4 now...
Signing Off-Nirvaan

note:this blog is penned as i was afraid my grey cells wud get damaged in these 4 days of unending, draggy, and most importantly irksome hols,and yes here i wud lik to thank ma frnd,who actually exhorted me into this lucubration called blogging:)


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it was pretty cool,
MJ he or she...haa haa, & sorry about that agra thing.

saurav said...

i like your keep yourself updated on current affairs, that's very good....the rahul gandhi article deserves special mention.

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