Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The trip that wasn't...

First of all the heading should be read like this "The trip that wasn't.....(supposed to be....)
"Well its 4:00 am in the morning,everyone's hungry...time for some poha..but where do we get the bikes from??...somehow after a lot of struggle we managed 3 bikes..(Alas, one bike dint start..dunno y!!!), So we were left with 2...now 7 people in 2 vehicles...who cares...!!lets go...4+3....All right, we reach station at about 4:45 in the morning...(of course after a customary photo session at the petrol pump..)having poha,tea,coffee...suddenly comes up a idea by the kid(pardon me Goku....:P) among the lot..."Let's go to Agra"...naively and very affirmatively agreed upon by everyone....(I bet no one said that seriously...).There were some concerns though
1)The first question...Money...Thanks to me i apparently agreed to sponsor the trip...(mind u all..APPARENTLY!!..I want the money back...:P)
2)Clothes:Actually this was even important than money 4 some....(What say D***A???).But somehow evry1 agreed to go abt in their lowers and "chaddas"....except one..!
3)Bikes:we'll park them in the parking
4)Oops:we completely forgot classes...do hell with it..just one..(there was one more..but we hardly attend that one..:P)
5)There were some other concerns too..Some people were worried about what if there is an urgent need to perform the morning chores...:Pbut those issues were taken care of..
Again thanks to Goku,n for that matter me too..we straight away went to the ticket counter and got us 7 tickets....and called up the ones in hostel to come over asap...
So in just about 5 minutes,we materialsed a plan, which had for so long,always been confined to just a plan..No swine flu fevers, no last minute refusals, no nothings...Yes,we were finally going...and what a way...!!!completely out of the blue...but that's what actually made it memorable and adventurous...
Back to the anecdote..once we were bak with the tickets...a look of bewilderment was visible on everyone's faces....and everybody was trying to hide that...(even dat was visible..bad work guys..:P)Nevertheless...we boarded the train,we somehow,managed to stand through that 2 hrs period...and once we got down,it was a wonderful feeling, was gettin a kind of kick,just by thinking of the idea of coming to Agra..All excited, we went staright to THE TAJ MAHAl,the beautiful Taj Mahal....Yes It was indeed beautiful...and so were the visitors...What we actually deduced was...(Taj to photo me bhi dekh lenge..but ye nahi....:P)Once the photo shoots in Taj was over we went over to the Fort, but every one was totally exhausted by then,firstly we had all pulled out an all-nighter, then the two hour ride in train,and of course the scorching heat added fuel to the fire...Nevertheless, we had lunch and the excitation level again went to its peak..We were now heading towards the end of this spontaneous trip...(i agree it was short,but at the same time "awesome"..)
Coming back was was the worst part of the entire journey...We could hardly find an inch to keep our foot,forget the sitting part(or even standing comfortably...)Even amidst that rush,the eunuchs and the "beediwala" and the "chanawala"and all sorts of these people managed to make their way through...I wonder how!!!!
So In the end what really mattered was..we pulled out a wonderful spontaneous,adventurous and memorable trip...and now if I go 4 the roadies auditions..I would at least have something to say:P(I know this sounds cheesy..but yes I always wondered what would I answer:P)!!
Now, this is Nirvaan signing off, hoping for another such pleasant trip and hoping the ones who dint come up this time(We missed u..), would surely be a part of the next...

Signing Off

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tashan mein....

This post is dedicated to special guys...i m sure they've understood just by reading the title, so no use writing their names.Yes a pretty long time....4 months and 19 days...but bt ds post cud nt hav cm up anytime sooner because eventually i have got a platform where i can speak my heart out,without thinking about any bloody tom, dick or harry...entirely mine...Yes, we as a team have done it and done it with style!!(dunno how many more times I am going to repeat it..:P)Aurora 2010 is successful...not just by the deeds of the 2 coordinators..oops 4(and of course our very dear faculty coordinator)but because of this entire group of people involved in making it a success...I don't think i need to name each one of them because the list would be just too long....
Now,this post for me is to share my experiences,put forth my mistakes,and for proposing the all important vote of thanks...(which i guess has been done pretty well)..Now moving on to the 1st 2 points...Firstly coordinating a fest of such stature is never a job of just 2 persons,and its not as simple as it initially seems...There's a hell lot of a difference between jotting down the plans on paper and actually putting it to practice...What we had to do for taking it to a level,we had initially thought of is actually not possible to be written down in so small a place..Our expectations from people involved with us proved to be miniscule in comparison to the efforts and dedication actually put in by them....Once again Thank you!(This goes 4 all:lovely juniors,ever supporting seniors,my beloved batch mates and of course those even dearer;) )Not everything was as smooth as it seemed on the 3 days of the fest...We had our share of glitches and hiccups,moments when we thought lets just finish it off...but ultimately when Krishna took the stage,that was the moment,the golden moment, and i could see those 3 months in front of my eyes in a flash...Everything had paid off...Every risk was worth taking,every penny was well spent,basically everything had fallen into the right place...So,for now signing off coz minors r on the card and i m not just getting enough of this Aurora stuff,but now its high time and I better start going or this hangover is going to cost me dearly...(as pointed out by someone very dear...)However, these 3 months of my life can never be replaced,i made some relations and realized the importance of some others..which will always remain etched in my mind heart and soul...Once again Thank You All..!!
Signing Off