Friday, July 16, 2010

World Cup and Beyond...!!

Long time...yes..yet again..writer's block u see;):P...Well now that I m back...
The most decent pic I couldmamage
(had to crop this one too:P)
let me take u thru the last 1 mnth of my lif...Its been, fifa on tv, fifa on lappy, fifa on facbuk...n a bit of fifa on field too..(ended up with a sore thumb:()..Its been fifa everywhere...Personally this is the 1st worldcup I have followed so keenly and ofcourse felt like sharing my views too..1st of all i thickened my soccer encyclopedia..which previously consisted of a very few names and facts(most famous being the infamous head butt by Zidane to some Italian)...Wait..why are we getting into the details of the WC..Dont we all know every minute detail abt the cup..Dont we all know how Rooney 'rooined' the English show,or mayb how messi messed up in the knockout(s),how Ronaldo started as a dude and ended as a dad(sincere apologies to all fans)and ofcourse how the La Rojas Waka Wakaed their way thru the Dutch!!Sure we do...let's move beyond..During the world cup I have been going through umpteen articles...and some that really fascinated me might hav found a place in this post..Before anything else the "now familiar angry-hornet-buzzzz" vuvuzelas stole the show...Not just the commoners even the players couldn't hav enuf of it..the Swiss team actually practiced with these "buzzing bees" in the background!!Speaking of can we forget Paul..The Octopus..
his eerily prescient vision of the matches to come..his clairvoyance...and ofcourse the birth of many more astrologers.."Harry"the croc, Mani, a desi parakeet in Singapore and Nand Cow...but alas his Indian counterparts were unable to get it the right result....ending up making a complete popat of themselves...seems we hav another reason why India could never qualify..:P(except for once wen we dint hav shoes..!!)Just for the heck of it...imagine how it would have been had Paul been in India..We would have resorted to him to  foretell the outcome of an IPL match..maybe some movies,or figuring out the stock market..There sure would be many a jobs waiting for this creature in this otherwise jobless nation...!With this New-Age Bollywood cinema I can easily see a movie with him as protagonist and the bad-man forcing him to predict what he wants in return of his Budhi Ma and girlfriend's freedom..
A blockbuster in the making!!
After all this,the highlights of this World Cup..the biggest star..the so-called "girlfriend of World Cup 'Larissa Riquelme'"hit the headlines with her claim to bare it all,if Paraguay qualified for the final 4...(who would ever be able to forget her balancing act;))Although the Paraguayan boys dint liv upto her expectations...she certainly did, upto her fans',  promising to do 'the naked act' as "a present to all of the players"!!..Ofcourse Maradona too promised something of this sort..but "Is anyone interested????"
p.s:This post was more coz it was long overdue, and more so...a friend of mine popped up this question..."Why aren't u blogging...??"
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mayank_dreams said...

cheeky n sweet post.."headbutt to SOME ITALIAN" pe lolzz..hahaha...n mr lazybones..not writin anything aint writer's's just TU AALSI nalayak writin...cheers

Nirvaan said...

you got me ...:P

Yudi said...

nice tongue in cheek article dude... but i would appreciate it further if you can gimme the uncropped image :P

Nirvaan said...

@yudi:anytim buddy...;)

Swik said...

had presumed fifa s only fifa...drs so mch mor 2 it :P thorly njoyed :)

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