Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Day in the life of India..!!

India is a bundle of interesting contradictions. All the diversities are pieces of a vast multi-cultural mosaic called India.

Have you ever wondered why someone peed right where there was a sign saying:

Noticed a car right where the board said:

Welcome to the Real India...Surreal India!!

In India we don't break rules...we simply don't follow them..!!
The ABCD Of India...

We Adjust,

We Bargain,

We Love Cricket,

We love Drama

We are Learning English

We Fight for Justice,

We Golmaal,

We Hate Himesh Reshamiya and Rakhi Sawant,

We Imitate

We believe in Jugaad

We love Kricket: We love it enough to not even bother if it starts with K;)

We love to Love

We Manage

We Narrate Scripts like none in the World

We are Obsessed with Munni ki badnami and Sheila ki Jawani..;)

We Populate:

We make unworthy people Quit:

We can't define RAJNIKANTH

We Scam

We worship Tendulkar

We Unite in Diversities

We Value Relations

We Work Hard

We Xerox

We Yawn anywhere and everywhere

We are proud of our Zero..!!

There is a life in every day of India..!!!
Signing Off-
P.S: Well I dont take the full credit of this blog, I read about this TOI campaign somewhere, where the writer had beautifully used the alphabets to describe India. However this is just my take with an inspiration from the aforesaid article.


mayank said...

i like the way u unintenionally used the round fat lady's pic 4 both yawning n ZERO..haha..
n i am not lazy like u..i comment evn though its an INSPIRED post

swik said...

my complements for d author :P nicely woven :P especially d 'yawn'

Rohit said...

India explored, right here..

LP said...

liked the JKLM :)

Red Handed said...

I Loved this pot....made me a bit more taller....i mean with pride :P

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