Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Do..!

Yes this is the day. Dressed in ‘his’ favourite red ‘kurti’ and her favourite Levis’ denims, ‘mascara’ on her eyes, gloss on her lips, pink nail paint, the cute kitty on her hair, the star shaped pink earrings, the ‘Fastrack’  watch which he gifted her, the ‘Nike’ sneakers, the Mickey socks, and of course the ‘Rbk’ sling bag: she was all set for the D-Day! After all today was the day, she had been waiting for. The most wonderful feeling in her heart, yes, after 14 long years of their friendship, Krish was going to propose her! He called her up in the morning to set up a date at their favorite CCD outlet, which they used to visit so often, that they actually became great buddies with the manager, who was alone in the city and actually moved in with Krish in his flat. But today was special, Krish had called up to tell her what he had wanted to, from the past 3 years, since entering the fashion industry as a designer. Now that he had made it big in the industry, he wanted to bare his heart out in front of her. She was rhapsodic, over the moon to say the least. How she had always wanted him as his companion, his BFF, as they say! with whom she could walk hand in hand in the beaches, till eternity. How she had wanted to have a small house of her own where they would be with their two beautiful kids. Before that, now she would have a boyfriend, whom she can talk to late in the nights, without bothering about anything else in the world, texting each other small bits n happenings, with whom she will fight over petty things, and then kiss and make up within no time. A shoulder she can rest on, a chest she can cry on. The one for whom she will wear the white gown. What would it be like? Will we remain the same as before? Will we still share the canteen bills or should I let him pay now? What will I gift him on his birthday? How will I talk to him once I am home, Mom’s gonna kill me :(, When shall we get married? Where will we buy our flat? All sorts of question crowding her enthusiastic mind, and before she could actually get the feeling sunk there she was in front of the Cafe, where Krish was already waiting for her, a bit tensed and nervous, not his usual I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-anything attitude. He ordered 2 espressos, and a Cafe Frappe for Rhea, again something unusual, because he always used to have a Cappucino. Anyways, who cares, Rhea was just waiting to say ‘I Do’ as he would bend on his knees and slide down the ring over her finger, but alas he did not, and the coffee arrived. It struck her; he must have put the ring in the coffee glass, as they show in the movies, cheesy?? Not enough for the girl desperately in love. She gobbled down the entire glass in fraction of seconds, just to find the mosquito beneath the glass, which she could clearly see through now, and Rishi sitting in front of him. A bit confused, perplexed, bewildered and again before she could figure out anything, Krish closed his eyes and caught her unawares by saying “We are getting married tomorrow”.

P.S: Krish’s hands on Rishi’s (The CCD Manager) shoulder.


mayank_dreams said...

at the risk of sounding grotesque,killer punch..ladki ka kata isme..mazza aaya..:P

LP said...

boom!!! loved the twist! :)

swik said...

to me the author is so cruel...heartless...dint scruple even onc to leave dat mosquito in Rhea's fate X-(
well...i ws swayed away vd rhea...mayb :P (can tak as compliment)

Navin Lost track of time said...

Ye Rhea abhi bhi single hai kya ?? :P

Red Handed said...

I almost laughed at the ending!!
wat a twist sirjee!
Poor Rhea! all she got was the see through mosquito :)
Nice post!

Viyoma said...

Superb, what a flow and narration was too good!!
Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post...... and wonderful twist......

Nirvaan said...

@mayank:purpose served..;)
@Swik: thanks..(I took it as a compliment even without u asking for it)
@Navin:haan hain...dhundh le...:P
@Red & Viyoma:Thanks..!

Nirvaan said...

@jojofeelings:gud to hear you liked it...keep visiting..:)

Different Strokes-of Art and Craft said...

she had always wanted him as his companion?????? Am i missing something ? What is BFF? I really don't know!!!

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