Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shocking Insensitivity..!

Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan
Zara hat ke zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan!!

In the context of Mumbai blasts, this yesteryear's lyrics is so apt! There have been talks going round that Mumbai has become a soft target for the terrorist, and quite visibly a favourite one too.No terrorist group is yet taking responsibility of the attacks but everybody right from Indian Muhajideen to LTE to ISI have been talked about. But the question which still remains unanswered is 'Who is to be blamed for it??'...Certainly not the common man! All over the newspapers and newschannels and social media the masses are making direct attacks at the "tainted politicians", the "indolent policemen", the politicians from the ruling party blaming the intelligence, the politicians from the opposition party blaming the policies blaming the ruling party's policies, but ultimately the question still remains unanswered! There are leaders making statements that we can't stop these activities completely, and what amuses me is the fact that the leaders from the opposition party are actually more interested in making dig at this comment by Rahul Gandhi, rather than concentrating on the real problem. Are the netas actually to be blamed for these attacks. Today on a news channel I saw a local
Mumbaikar saying "Ye neta log hamesha haadsa hone k baad hi aate hai aur hume dilasa dete hai," Are the netas informed about the attack beforehand, so that they could do something before it actually happens??Someone quoted that Kasab is still alive, but I want to ask is he the only terrorist, and how does him being still alive justify this sorry act of terrorism. Had he been killed would there have been no blasts?It's not about playing a blame game, and trying to escape from this situation...
Well, to be honest, I don't really know what we actually need to do now! The news tabloids are busy showing how they were the first to report this mishap, how the Mubaikars are helping each other and showing courage in the face of  distress, by fighting all odds. I feel this is all bullshit! Do these people really have a choice, with Mumbai getting a brand new identity- a testing ground for all the
new bombs?Are they really so tolerant to the blasts or are they simply helpless? Nobody seems to have a clue as to what needs to be done, the police, the politicians, neither the so-called Indian intelligence. Everything seems to be scripted by the terrorists, who are actually able to put it into life successfully. Everyone has defined role which he needs to perform next:
The home minister will sooner or later find out Pakistani connection in these blasts in order to cajole the affected ones (To my surprise they haven't found it yet!)
The President of USA will condemn the blast and so will the PM of Pakistan
The Indian PM as always will remain silent
An inquest will be launched by the Indian Intelligence.
The common people will do a candle march to India Gate and The Gate Way Of India.
We’ll forget everything in a couple of days; just as we have already forgotten the train accident in which more than 67 people had died, triple the number in these blasts, because none of our akins died in those blasts or in that accident.
The Mumbai locals will show their ‘heart’ and get going with their routine from tomorrow, afterall its a question of 'rozi roti'
We’ll continue playing more cricket with Pakistan team and beating them and then ofcourse patting our backs.
Through this medium, I don't intend to say that the politicians or the police are not at fault, but it's just a take on how everybody is busy blaming someone else, rather than actually getting to the bottom of this menace, and trying to extirpate this disease, once and for all. Is anyone listening..??

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swik said...

i had guesed d context rit...hop ds blog wud hav vented out atleast a bit of ur frustration...coz..d 'ears' dat can help r deaf...even more petious...d 'ears' dat r not deafened yet r utterly helpless :(

mayank_dreams said...

cynicism,anger,sadness and just keeps happening all over again n for 2-3 days,this is how we feel..Why can't we ruthlessly hang the terrorists we've caught n set an example so tht these insurgents think twice b4 attacking in..u r ryt in pointin out abt the stupid blame shows lack of intent on our part to combat terrorism..we hv all the necessary technology n is stoppin us..there is angst but it will get cold in a few days..its a cycle..

rohit said...

How important it is for the heart to be at ease..It's a matter of medium that drives it. We rejoice getting fame, enjoying lives. They, who do such shameless acts rejoice such things as well. It's just that our means don't match theirs to see outcomes that range from liveliness to deaths. Blaming will certainly not help.. not even those who do it. What requires change.. is the medium to rejoice. Can it be that the world feels at ease doing things the way we do?? If yes, ignite the powers that can make it happen. Our politicians don't understand places of action. Do this.. Either mould those who mould the world, or kill them.

Shivam Tiwari said...

A great post buddy...!!!
And as for the "i don't know what to do" thing, all this can end only if humans learn to respect other human beings.

*Respect* is the key word. Till you don't teach fellas to respect each other, nothing will be in place. Neither corruption, poverty, terrorism, education or anything else.

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