Monday, February 20, 2012

Fifty it is..!!

Thanks everyone for following my blog. I am privileged to have these many people following my blog. Well, I better not write anything else in this past or I will certainly break into tears (considering this is such a sentimental moment:P).
Jokes apart, I want to thank each one of my readers (I know there aren't many..:P) especially Swikruti Panda, Mayank Lodha, who have constantly motivated me to write and given me genuine feedback. A special thanks to Hemant Baid (who only praises it, irrespective of the quality of the post) and Reshma Baid (I have a feeling, you read each one of my posts, and probably are the only one who has subscribed to it:P) and of course all of my fellow GraveYard'ians, (I am taking this liberty, because I don't exactly know the term used for people who live in graveyard and are alive)although I am very sure none of u will read this..:P
More to come in the next post..

Signing Off,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here's the deal..!

It's the online era..and if you are not into online shopping, buddy...i pity you!!With hordes of online sites available with the best deals across the world wide web or rather even the brick stores, you sure don't want to give it a  miss. It is as tempting as any of the chocolate puddings and is as addictive as the "Buy one Get one Cheese Burst Domino's pizza"..;)Wouldn't it be hard to not tempt yourself into buying a pepsodent toothpaste worth Rs. 64 at just 19 bucks..??I am sure it's impossible!However it is best if you could, because this is just the beginning. With a hell lot of coupons,150 off on 151, 500 off on no minimum purchase, flat 50% off after an already substantial discount by the merchant you are bound to happily fall into this nasty trap. 
Not just that, slippers @Re.1,(no, there was no additional shipping charges and you could also avail the Cash On Delivery facility:P),pack of 3 lux soaps@ Rs. 19, how can someone be not hooked to it. The sense of pride associated with having everything at better than the best prices,(even if you do not need it)is beyond the scope of words and getting the best deals available is the new status quo...!
The time is not far when, some of these Yebhis or the Mydalas or the Snapdeals would go online selling fruits, vegetables, and all the grocery items. Pardon me if there's already an existing one for all such items, however I haven't come across any until now. Trust me, the day's not far..!! With everything available at such throwaway prices I doubt whether the net savvy people would actually be bothered about Walmart coming into India (all the fuss about the FDI thing), they are already wearing Jockeys at the price of Rupas and Nike and the price of Nikki!!(I know you bought it at less than the cost of Rupa but that's just an indicative)There would be a day when there will be blood banks and sperm banks operating online..ohh..I forgot to mention,a few days back there was a valentine special discount...Buy a pack of 10 @just Re.1(No extra shipping charges)..Have a safe valentine's day..:P.
Sometimes it so happens that people go and watch a movie, just to avail the free popcorn and soft drink. In fact there are sites which offer people to go and watch a movie, have snacks and all in lieu of a 2 page survey which you are to submit..Long live RedQuanta..!!Trust me I did not mind watching even as horrible a movie as ThankYou..:D.There are days when I see the guy from Bluedart bringing the items in an auto, the two wheelers's just not enough, and the amusing thing is: those days are pretty frequent..:P. Imagine the amount of business Bluedart makes out of our institute alone, it's actually huge!!Anyways, for all those who haven't tried it yet, start soon. You might just miss out on one, while you are reading this...and for those who already do...Happy Shopping!!(Although I am sure they are not going to waste their time reading this post)

Signing off

P.S.: This post is dedicated to Manak(who got us all addicted to it in the first place):P, and Piyush(for giving me this idea)
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