Monday, March 12, 2012

Urban Shots:Bright Minds..

India owns a cultural spectrum which resembles a rainbow. However, reverberating the same is certainly a challenge for any author. This anthology, edited by Paritosh Uttam has evolved from the conflicts of social and personal relationships, as well from the contemporary conditions which shape them. On this platform where usually masculinity calls the shots, some of the stories try opening emotional outlets for the women too. The lady agonist occupies the centre stage and deal with the challenges in different ways. 
The Bengal tigress is a wonderful example of  how a mother can go out to any extent when it comes to their child. Again, in Heaven and Hell, the compassionate self of a woman is portrayed very quintessentially. In Paisley Printed Memories, the author has picked up a very subtle role of a woman, a bride, and how she reminisces her beautiful past at the sight of the 'baraat' even when she's plagued by a deadly disease. In every tale the authors have managed to touch some or the other emotion of the human kind. The situations and the characters in these short stories are mostly extracted from our everyday life, and also occur in places you can instantly relate to, as in the case of the sweet and cute 'Father of my son'. The con girl gang is another hilarious one. Each story, whether it be the salesman who buys the stuff him-selves to achieve the target, the interviewer in the white 'kurti', the sugar-loving Maami, the American-Canadian tourist at the Taj, the young girl in the Hot pants followed by the sophisticated-turned-casual-turned-roadside romeo, or the chatty Military Uncle who had a wonderful grand-daughter, captured an essence of our society.
The characters involved are not mere accoutrements to narrate a tale; rather they have the presence of the story willing to actually serve them. The writers are capable of springing surprises to even those familiar with the Indian society and culture. In majority of the tales, the characters have been carefully kept ordinary, ensuring they do not seem extraordinary or unbelievable. At some points, some of these might be predictable, but that never takes away the fun out of it. Each story stands alone in its own right. It took me just one sitting of approx. 9 hrs. to finish this entire collection (I just couldn't let it go. An amazing experience..!!

P.S.: Thanks to  Blogadda for making me come across such a wonderful collection!

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