Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Insider...!!

Hi, this is Nirvaan from the Insider Gang for Coca Cola The Fan Station, and I am a part of the KKR squad. This used to be my opening link each time!! Sounds cool?? Well, it sure was. The fact that I was one of the squad members, chosen to represent the KKR squad itself was a big thing for me and made my chest swell with pride. Not to mention, my friends being jealous of me was the icing on the cake! Coming to the experience, I first want to say a big big THANK YOU to the Fanstation team for giving me such an opportunity and for a chance to interview THE SUNIL NARINE himself. Initially I blanked out and just blurted out whatever came to my mind. I could not hear anything he said and was actually having goose bumps seeing the likes of Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwary and Iqbal Abdulla from an arm's length.
What a feeling it was!!! People actually treat you as celebs and vie for you to get them on camera (although they were a bit disappointed on knowing that we were not from SET Max). In fact the Insider Gang gave me the license to talk to the most beautiful ladies (even in presence of their male friends and parents), without the fear of getting bashed up (so what if it was just about cricket:P). Had the privilege of watching Gayle and Dhoni live at the ‘mecca’ of cricket, asking fan to do crazy stuff, move around Kolkata, have writing sessions from Arvind, learn the tricks of the trade from the horse's mouth, from the people who know it all! A three day rigorous training session in Mumbai was hectic but was totally worth it and will always remain etched in my memory. Met some really wonderful people with whom I would always love to stay in touch with. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be a part of a professional photo shoot session. There were times when we had to jot down the script on-the-spot, work behind the camera, persuade the people on the roads to do stuff, someone would normally never do, and all this was super fun. At times, I did feel, "how will I do this, I am not cut out for it", but then, Good or Bad, ultimately I did it, and that definitely is a good feeling. I do regret missing out on the last few days because of some other priorities, but then can’t help it.
So, in short, this was an experience of a life time and trust me these were the best days of life, (I also feel, that I am a lucky mascot for KKR, considering they reached the finals for the first time ;)).

Signing Off,
Coca Cola Insider Gang


swik said...

ur grin in d pics show..u r no more d camera shy silly guy :P
dont regret d part u fanstatn hapnd..many more vl..sur..til u luk ur butiful self n dont gt old :P pukka:)

LP said...

Best days eh.. ?

Nirvaan said...

@LP:my bad,galti ho gyi..:P
@swik:just hope things like these keep going irrespective of my "beauty":D

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