Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Daily Travellers!

Traveling to office every morning covering a stretch of almost 15 kms in about 1.5 hrs does give me enough time to do a lot of  worthless work and guess I am mastering that art pretty nicely;) In the last couple of months I have been locomoting,I have figured out the different categories of people who travel by bus. I am sure the ones who frequent local train and metro trains can also relate to it.
The Radio Listeners: They form a major chunk of the population. They will have ear buds plugged in and they don't give a damn as to what the world is up to. They will never remove them, and still are able to hear each and every thing directed at them. They simply cannot travel without it and it remains plugged into their ears till the time they occupy their office seats.
The Intellectuals: They are generally the ones on the wrong side of their Forties,and they will always carry a newspaper or a book along. They will be one of the first to occupy the seat in the bus, will make themselves comfortable and make it a point to read the material in the entire stretch of the journey. 
The Social Media Addicts: These are the ones in their teens and twenties and will be engaged in their smart phones as soon as they board the bus. Usually the last ones to board the bus and they occupy a corner in the transport. You can often find them laughing and smiling with their eyes fixed on their cell phones while you wonder something's wrong with them!
The Boyfriend/Girlfriend type: If they are on a call throughout the journey, and you aren't able to listen what he/she is talking, though you are seated next to him/her, you can be safely put them in this category.
The Workaholics: Here are the ways to identify the workaholics. Either they will be busy talking on a phone loudly giving or taking instructions about what is to be done next, or they will be catching up a quick nap or finishing off their breakfast/lunch/dinner, because they have a long day at work and cannot afford to while away their precious time in the less important and petty worldly affairs.
The All in One type: They will be the ones who will have the ear phones plugged in, eyes on their mobile screen, taking calls in between and would also be carrying some reading material with them, which does come out of their bag, but usually remains closed!
The Gang of Girls/Boys: They will usually be on their way to the college, tuition or way back home. They will all be carrying notebooks in their hand and you can hear them bitching about others, talking about the latest movies, the latest addition to their wardrobe and often bringing in each others mothers and sisters in the midst of the conversation (usually in case of boys) oblivious to the fact that they are in a public transport.
The Exceptions: If you do not fall in the above types, then I am afraid you are an exception, and you can have all the time in the world to testify the above classification.

P.S: Do let me know which category you fall in.

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shalabh said...

The All in One type!

LP said...

The All in One type and of course (but seldom), the Gang of Boys oblivious to anything :P !
By the way, you take public transport for just 15 kms? Learn to Drive dude ! :P

Akshit said...

carrying reading material doesnt make one to fall under "Intellectuals" i guess !!

Abhilasha said...

You can add one type for people like you who just observe others :P
Interesting topic btw:)

Nirvaan said...

@shalabh: Yo!
@LP: yes, when you with me (gang of boys;))
@Akshit:wanted it to exaggerate it a bit;)
@Abhilasha: I guess you missed the last one. 'Exceptions':P

muthu said...

Well, I would fall in the category - where time is spent just looking at what others are doing.. :)

Yudi said...

Damn you! I had just started carrying a book to work!Anyway count me as a sleeper :P

Nirvaan said...

@muthu: the exception that is;)
@Yudi: No dude you still won't be counted as an intellectual..:P

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