Sunday, February 3, 2013

Complaint letter to CCD which was compensated with an awesome cake!

Yes, This was the 'historic' letter which got us a free Cake from Cafe Coffee Day;). True that we were exasperated because of all the reasons mentioned below, but their prompt reply and good customer service did make up for it. In recent days, quite a few people have asked me about the letter and here I have put it, so that anyone whose "feeling has actually been hurt" can take a cue from the letter and go forward. This one was written by Shalabh who has written down many more after this..:P, For the rest you need to directly contact him;)

Dear Sir/Madam
This is a complaint relating to the CCD outlet at the City Center, Gwalior.
I have been visiting this outlet regularly for the past two years. But the last few visits were very objectionable.
1.       In November I ordered King sized Cappucino, the quantity being served was somewhat less than what it used to be. On being asked they replied that then it was King sized. But Yesterday (5-1-2011) when I ordered Grand Cappucino, coffee was being served in the very same cup.
2.       At New Year we were denied the use of Discount coupons on account of less sales and the pressure to meet the target sales.
3.       The price of King sized Cappucino listed in the menu was Rs. 57 but in the bill it was charged as Rs. 62. Fortunately I cross checked, though they were ready to deduct the extra. I cannot imagine when billing being automated how such a blunder can be made.
4.       Also no milk was served with Black Coffee. On asking the reason for it, they just said that “People generally prefer it without milk”. Definitely a lame excuse, I guess.
5.       Yesterday (5-1-2011) the black fantasy was also horrible. It was all melted and the quantity was also less what it used to be. On asking the reason they said “This time the Chocolate fantasy is very soft, so it is melted”. I believe CCD is known for serving quality products ranging from cookies, pizza to coffee.
6.       Also the discount coupon was again denied saying that it has already been scanned (used).
7.       Also the service at the very same outlet is not at all equivalent to what I have experienced at CCD in other cities like Kolkata, New Delhi, Indore, Jaipur.
8.       Moreover the presentation is also not at all at par with the other outlets of CCD. We were not served Café Mocha and Black Coffee in the same Cups as shown.
9.       On asked for drinking water they straight away said “it’s not offered here and you will have to buy mineral water”, whereas in every other outlet normal water is available and once we refused to buy the mineral water they brought in the normal water.
This is just a complaint by a loyal customer of CCD expecting some effective response. Definitely my feeling has been hurt by having such awful experiences in the past few visits. I feel I am not getting the actual value for money for the quality and ambience usually expected of a CCD outlet. I want you to take immediate and effective steps ASAP. Hoping for a positive reply and co operation from your side, being a multi continental Café House. 


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