Monday, March 18, 2013

Black Dog: The best gift ever!

Just this other day, it was my best friend’s marriage, and considering the fact that I was very happy for him, I wanted to gift him what he would have cherished the most. Obviously I wanted to justify the fact that I was his best friend for a reason, and I knew what he would have expected from him. After thinking for a long time, my mind came to rest when I decided to present him with a set of all the four variants of Black Dog; Black Dog Centenary, Black Dog Luxury, Black Dog Deluxe and the rarest of the rare, the 21 year old Black Dog Quintessence! I knew he would not expect such a gift from me but then it would pleasantly surprise him. I had thought about everything from a Cross Pen, to a Vertu mobile handset, to a vacation to Malaysia, but then this would have been something novel, something exclusive, something luxurious! As a matter of fact it turned out exactly I had hoped, and my friend could not stop thanking me for this magnificent gift. The very next day of his D-day, he invited me to his place. We both sat down, in his garden area, at the time of dusk, and we had the BlackDog Quintessence. He knew it was my favourite, and obviously decided to uncork it first. We both preferred it only with ice cubes, without any soda, and of course with snacks. There in came cashew nuts, kebabs, and roasted peanuts. After some time we also called up some of our close friends and they were there in no time as soon as they served that we were having The Black Dog Quintessence! You always have a good time with your closest pals, but when it couple’s with a glass of Black Dog, trust me no experience on this earth can come even a close second!

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