Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Dog: Drinking it is an art!

Whatever people might say as to there is not a perfect way to have a drink, I do believe there is an ideal way to have your Black Dog Scotch Whisky! In fact the entire process involved in the lifecycle of a scotch is an art: Right from the beginning, that is the making of the Scotch, till its consumption. Herein, I would like to give you some tips which have helped me savour this amazing drink and relish each and every sip of it. I can assure you that these would work wonders and increase the level of pleasure a few notches in the case of Black Dog Scotch Whisky, the finest in its league. Scotch making is a tradition passed down across generations, and by not relishing it we should not let their efforts go in vain! Starting off, the ambience has to luxurious and comfortable. The glass in which you drink it is also of great importance. The  very sight of the golden liquid scotch whiskey twiddling in a tulip glass can only be comparable to the flow of the rivers. Apart from that, the tulip glass also helps in the dissemination of the liquid on our palate. Pour a peg into the glass, and please, do not just gulp it down in one go. First of all please your eyes with the golden color, in fact it is called liquid gold for a reason, try to enjoy it. Thereafter, for its intense heady aroma, tilt the glass and ensure that the sides are coated. Then have your scotch neat, only with ice and feel the myriad tastes and the mellow woody, fruity sweetness with teasing light warm peat swirling on your tongue. Some time must definitely be invested in mastering the art of proper consummation of your scotch and water, and if done appropriately, it is only going to enhance your experience a multiple times!
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