Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Dog Easy Evenings with Elvis!

Black Dog, has been a brand which is synonymous to Luxury. They are a brand which cares for its consumers. They are aware of the taste of their customers and thereby they have come up with this unique initiative in the form of Black Dog Comedy Evenings and Black Dog Easy Evenings. They bring forth a concept which provides a perfect way to unwind and relax after a hectic day! On this concept they have hosted a number of evenings, bringing in international stars, from the world of comedy and music to their devoted customers. In a similar such evening, they decided to pay a tribute to the great 'Elvis Presley' to commemorate the celebration of 125 years of black Dog. The highly acclaimed, famed and renowned Elvis Presley tribute artist was flown down to India for a nine-city concert by Black Dog. this was the first time the people of India were witnessing something like this courtesy the Black Dog. Of course, in today's age that was the closest one could ever get to the age of Rock n Roll, and the king of that period 'Elvis Presley' himself. This tour kicked off at Delhi, and the show then travelled to Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa among eight other cities. The show was organized by Black Dog 8 Centenary, it clearly reflected their intent to bring alive the proposition of proudly old fashioned in a more contemporary way.  Stephen Kabakos enthralled the entire gathering with Presley's numbers. It seemed like he was born to play his impersonator, and he played it with much ease. It was not just his hairdo, looks and styling sense that made him what he is today, but he also executes a very energetic and Presley like performance which makes him the most coveted Elvis impersonator across the globe. He had an electrifying charisma which coupled with the charm and luxury of Black Dog, made the night worthwhile for everybody present out there!

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