Sunday, March 10, 2013

Black Dog Easy Evenings with Melissa Totten! (Part II)

Continuing from where I left in my last post, I would like to say that this evening was simply spectacular, and I in particular had never had such an experience ever before! There were some crazy people who were going mad over the beats and the energy had clearly transferred in the atmosphere. People wanted a chance to hug her or dance with her whenever Melissa came amongst the crowd to groove, and she surely did not disappoint them :) The set had patented Black Dog designs and they looked stylish, elegant and classy, completely in sync with the image of the most luxurious and the finest scotch whisky of India! The performance by Melissa adorned the beautiful evening and really helped me unwind after a forgettable week! The other day I was reading about this initiative by Black Dog, and came to know that it was a real challenge to conduct these events, but the way it was executed was remarkable! The show was of almost 90 minutes which obviously required some costume changes, and the best part was that even when she wasn't on stage it was kept alive by the two Disc Jockeys who accompanied her all the way from United Kingdom. They played some peppy numbers and did not allow the momentum to go down for a moment. Such was the farsightedness by 
the The Black Dog easy Evenings organising team and full marks to them for conducting it the way they did, and the way it should have been done! As a part of the Black Dog Easy Evenings initiative, they had previously brought Rob Schneider, Russell Peters, Kenny G, Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood and Wayne Brady of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway? They have also been associated with theatricals and national stars which we will talk on in further posts.

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