Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Dog Easy Evenings with Sorabh Pant!

Although I have attended only one of the Black Dog Easy Evenings, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to know more and more of it. As a matter of fact I have some friends in Delhi and Mumbai who happen to attend each one of these, come what may. As we sat down over a glass of Black Dog Deluxe at the Taj Mahal Hotel, during my last visit to New Delhi, I told him to let me know of the coming events, so that I can fly down to attend the same. That was it when he started narrating his experiences at these magnificent Easy Evening conducted by Black Dog, and of course, rubbing salt on my wounds. He told me how, Black Dog Easy Evenings, the flagship events platform for luxury scotch Black Dog, lived up to its promise yet again by driving the crowd into roars of laughter with no holds barred. How the witty comedy by standup comedian Sorabh Pant in the evening set his mood for relaxation and offered a welcome break from the mundane, at the SHROOM Night Club, The Crescent in New Delhi. He told me how the funny man slipped in some uncensored, rip-roaring comedy that kept the crowd laughing all throughout. In fact ‘Black Dog Easy Evenings’ is a remarkable tradition by the Black Dog Group which allows you to relax and unwind at the best places in the city in India with memorable performances by international and national artistes, whether it be from music, theater or connoisseurs, every year. Comedy is also one such manifestation. Through this show, they try to give their patrons an exquisite evening which takes place in a relaxing, mellow ambience for all in attendance to luxuriate in. This evening with Sorabh Pant, who has also performed alongside the great Rob Sneider unfolded into an outstanding display of modern standup comedy. True to its tradition, Black Dog EasyEvenings only invokes one sentiment – Let the world wait.
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