Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Dog Indulgence: An evening!!!

Amidst the amazing 18th century style intricate décor, in the finest bar of Le Meurice, as the dim light soothes the soul as if the time has halted, one can just sit back in the entirety of nothingness. In such a breathtaking moment I can think of none other than the company of Black Dog Scotch “on the rocks” with three scintillating ice cubes glittering in the golden amber.
As the divine scotch makes its way through, the sweet surprise it offers as a soothing drink and not the ones that hurt you and jolt you out of the smooth ride you have been waiting for. Soft peaches and ripe citrus fruits coupled with pear, marzipan and bergamot start unraveling themselves and the flavors start blending with each other seamlessly. In the back drop of the soft music these flavors play flirtatious moves to tickle to your delight. As the concoction drenches you in its magic slowly the bitter chocolate, liquorices and crushed almonds make fleeting appearances and disappearances that you feel like chasing throughout the evening and more astonishing is the fact that nothing relaxes you more than this silent chase.
The luxury of the restaurant could have been complemented by nothing better than Black Dog “One of the world’s finest Scotch Whiskey”. The passion to experience true luxury is only half met without the even encountering the climax of Black Dog 21 YO that have remained for twenty one years have remained dormant in the cold dark warehouses before they were finally blended together by the master Blender of the Scottish heritage. The heritage of luxury of Black Dog is personified by the very fact that it mingles with all conversations you have with your elite circle and best part is deep inside in the silence you know it is conversing simultaneously with you.

One Life You Got, Live it King Size!!!
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