Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Dog: Simply the best!

Well, Black Dog is the finest of all, by the time you have read my previous posts and you reach this one, I am sure you would completely agree to it! However, just in case you do not, I do have more than one testimonial which bears the fact that Black Dog, indeed is the finest Scotch Whisky of India! We already know about the Gold Medal in Monde Selection award and 2 stars by International Taste and Quality Institute  and here is one more such esteemed award conferred upon the liquid gold which yet again proves that it is worthy of all the fanfare it receives. The Black Dog De Luxe, the 12 Y.O. variant received the Silver medal in 2005 in the competition which is annualy organized by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is an organization recognized by the European Union, which conducts annual competition for various spirits and wines manufactured all over the world. The organization is well known in spirits and wine industry through its expertise, professionalism, integrity and excellence of its sensory panel. These competitions have
 been held for the last 11 years. The committee of judges comprises of well-Known experts in the field.The competition is open to various categories of spirits like whisky, rum, fruit wines, liqueur, cognac, brandy, vodka and gin, and winning the silver medal at such level of competition, which is judged by the most knowledgeable people in this domain is really noteworthy. Not just it speaks of the grandeur of this drink, it also goes on to establish the fact that it is accepted among the finest scotch whisky not just in India, but all across the globe!
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