Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Black Dog: The Superior Taste!

Black Dog: The name says it all! The finest and the most luxurious scotch whisky of India. Just as if my saying along with the millions of its fans mentioning it was not enough, the International Taste & Quality Institute bestowed upon it the honour of the Superior Taste Award. The Black Dog Centenary Scotch variant was awarded Two stars by the esteemed jury, indicating their remarkable quality! ITQI is closely associated with the most renowned chefs, beverages experts and sommeliers of Europe, right from training to daily professional practice for a unique tasting expertise. ITQI actively partners with the ten most prestigious European culinary organizations to bring forth this award. Different European nationalities are represented in the juries in order to reflect both Latin and Germanic sensitivities in all their subtleties. ITQI judges are recognized by international authorities and world renowned culinary guides such as Muslin and Gault at Millau. Products submitted to ITQI judgment follow a rigorous evaluation process. ITQI and its judges keep total independence and neutrality.
 ITQI prepares judges by familiarizing them with its proprietary methodology and its specific vocabulary based on the ISO 5492 norms. The products are evaluated by judges on a strictly blind basis without packaging or any other kind of identification. A kit is assigned to each product in order to ensure the most reliable tracking. “One star” is awarded with marks between 70% and less than 80% indicating “Good Tasting” products. “Two stars” are awarded for products with marks between 80% and fewer than 90% indicating their “Remarkable” quality. “Three stars” are awarded for “Exceptional” products with 90% and more total marks. We had already seen before how they were conferred the Gold Medal by the World Selection Jury in 2006, and this was just another feather on the cap! It makes me proud to be the one who relishes this luxurious drink and I am glad I have the privelege of having it. This is not a small achievement by any means and if you ask me they totally deserved it!

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