Friday, March 15, 2013

Black Dog with Chocolate in Hills!

The combination is lethal, isn't it? , it sure is! Many a times I tried different things with my Black Dog Scotch, and every time I found a new combination to satisfy my palate . However, this one time I was in Darjeeling, I decided to try it with chocolates. The pastry at the Glenary's was the best thing I had ever had with Black Dog Scotch! We were there for vacations, away from the bustle of the large cities. We had decided to take a break from the everyday chores and unwind and relax in the mountains. What better way to go to Darjeeling, and sit with a view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga, the chocolates and pastries from the finest confectionery, and ofcourse a glass of Black Dog Scotch Whisky. It was completely what heaven would have felt like. It was completely Luxury Personified. The moment just couldn't get better. The dark chocolates from the Glenary's felt out of the world when taken along with Black Dog Centenary. Anyways I am a big fan of both Black DOg and Dark Cocoa chocolates, but it had never before struck me to have it together. As if iit was supposed to happen that day, in the company of the most beloved people of my life and in that amazing weather. All my senses were completely rejuvenated, the golden peaks of the Ice clad peaks serving a treat to the eyes. The best thing was that in that climate, Black Dog Scotch Whisky tasted all the more better. It was intoxicating to say the least, yes, literally! One may attribute this kind of luxury to anything, but for me the experience would not have been same had there been no Black Dog! Yes this was certainly one of those wonderful Black Dog experience I'll always cherish!

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