Saturday, March 23, 2013

BlackDog is Luxury; Luxury is BlackDog!

If some were to ask me to define luxury in one word, I would say Black Dog! It is undoubtedly the most luxurious thing a man can have. The idea of luxury may vary from person to person, but then there are some things in the world that are above any individual's perception. Not one can deny that it is "Luxury". If I am asked to rate the most luxurious things in the world, I can make down a list, which would certainly include the following on any given day! Starting with, how can one not count the Rolex Watch among the most luxurious things! This is one luxury not many have, but everyone craves for. Whatever may be the price, it is never said to be exorbitant or overly priced. The mere feeling that you are able to have this masterpiece is priceless! Another item on the list would most certainly be the luxury products by Louis Vuitton. It's every woman's dream to own a product from the line of this Luxurious brand. Not many are so privileged, but those who are, truly understand the exact meaning of Luxury! Similar is the case with Rolls Royce. As the name suggests, it has a royal feeling attached to it, and only the most exclusive people own this luxurious travel. Moving on to the other category of luxury items, comes the brand on top of my list, Black Dog Scotch Whisky! The name itself stands for luxury. Luxury paralleled to none other in the world. The feel this whisky as you pour it from the beautiful cask, into the crystal glass can be easily compared to liquid gold. The aroma is intense, which takes you to the seventh heaven, as soon as you feel it, and then the bold and magnificent taste of this blend takes you to an altogether different world. What are the other brands that find way into your list of luxury items? Do share with me!

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