Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bliss of Solitude with Black Dog!

Somebody must have very rightly said "Solitude is Bliss", but what I realised is that listening to music in solitude is even more blissful. But you know what, Solitude, with Black Dog Centenary and music especially Pink Floyd playing in the background is the ultimate feeling. Nothing, absolutely nothing can top that. There are times when I like to spend all by myself. Those days I drive down to the bar at Oberoi Grand, find the quietest corner in the bar, order a peg of Black Dog Scotch Whisky, plug the ear buds of my Ipod in my ear and started my playlist. I have named this playlist as bliss, and only play it when I am alone, in the company of Black Dog! It has all the beautiful numbers of the yesteryear. It has the beautiful Rock n' roll tracks by the greats like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Beatles among others. True that I was not even born in that golden era of 1950's but then they have been my dad's favourite and eventually I have grown up listening to them. Their songs Hey Jude, Suspicious Minds are the most played tracks in my pod, and certainly for a reason. Some of my friends prefer listening to Jazz and Western Instrumental while having their glass of Black Dog, but that is certainly not my choice. For me Rock tops the list any day, and after listening to Pink Floyd, again from the genre of Progressive Rock, I have no second thoughts about that. I spend hours listening to the music, and the waiter comes and fills up my glass when it is about to finish. Those are some precious moments I enjoy being just with myself, savoring the exquisite Black Dog Scotch Whisky!

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