Friday, March 22, 2013

Comedy Evenings with Black Dog!

Just when you think that having Black Dog is the best feeling in the world and immerse yourself in the beautiful golden liquid, the Black Dog come up with more reasons to enjoy your drink, to unwind and relax after a week of that busy hectic schedule at your workplace. This is a widely appreciated concept by Black Dog, and they have named it as Black Dog Easy Evenings. This is a platform which celebrates world music and understands the joy of giving laughter, and thereby respects the art of making other people laugh. In 2007, going in accordance with the aforesaid concept they brought the worldwide celebrated Stand-up comedian, Russel Peters! He is born and brought up in Canada but is of Indian origin, and if the Youtube views to his videos are anything to go by, he is the best in this business! This act by the man was performed at the Chowdiah memorial hall in Malleshwaram, in Bangalore. Only a brand as reputed as Black Dog Scotch Whisky, the world class scotch and a luxury brand could have got a world class comedian and the most sought after stand-up comedian to India. The combination was lethal to say the least. He is one of the most prolific person in this line and he attributed his sense of humour to the mix of cultures he came across while he was in Canada. As soon as he cracked a joke people burst out in peals  of laughter, some holding their stomach, and some were really not able to hold back to their seat and literally started rolling on the floor (ROFL)! I, for one had this great privilege to be there, that moment, courtesy a generous friend of mine, who took me along. Ever since I had this experience, I became a hard core fan of both Russel Peters and Black Dog Scotch Whisky, and I decided to go anywhere to be a part of every such Easy Evenings organised by them.
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