Monday, March 4, 2013

Friends, Celebrations and Black Dog!

It was an amazing evening, with the closest of my pals. We all had successfully completed a project and what better way to celebrate it over a Glass of Black Dog Scotch Whisky at the Junction Bar of the Taj Bengal, Kolkata! Not to mention Black Dog is one of the finest and the most exquisite scotches, and coupling it with the warm ambience at the Taj Bengal, along with the company of the best of the friends was just the perfect icing on the cake! What else can one ask for? It was a feat we accomplished and that obviously called for celebrations, which we did in the grandest possible way! Guys in Black Suit, White Shirt and a matching Tie, while ladies were in their black evening gowns, and high heels, we had decided on Black as the Dress code for the evening to make it synonymous to the unanimous choice of us all "Black Dog". We were served the Black Dog Centenary Scotch and 
Madonna performing in on of the Black Dog Easy Evenings
the very aroma of it lifted our spirits. We pampered ourselves throughout the evening and the servings of prawns, peanuts and roasted cashews just made the combination perfect! I usually like to have something tangy or tart with Black Dog, something like apples or pears. We had cheese balls, and finally the desserts with Black Dog simply taste amazing. It has this mysterious charm, and you are bound to be captured by it. As you wet your lips, it slides down your throat smoothly, and tastes best when taken neat. Now before you already move out to become a part of this heavenly experience, be noted that I’ll be sharing my other magical experiences in the days to come. Till then go and relish Black Dog, and treat yourself to the best man made thing ever!
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