Friday, March 29, 2013

God's own things: Black Dog in Kerala!

I had heard enough of the state of Kerala, and how it is the ‘God’s own country’ but have never had a chance to experience it by myself. On the other hand, Black Dog, according to me is the ‘God’s own drink’, and yes I say only because I have never tasted anything as good and as relaxing ever! Now was the chance to experience both the pleasures together. I love traveling and obviously love Black Dog Scotch Whisky as well. So doesn’t it sound perfect? My two loves coming together to make me doubly happy! In fact I simply cannot do without Black Dog while traveling during my vacations. I am out because I want to relax and move away from the bustling and roaring towns. I find my peace in such eternal places completely letting myself go with the flow. These are planned to leave behind your mental pressures and for once, live luxuriously, like a free bird. How can one not have Black Dog as a company!! Whenever I go out for a vacation, I usually pack in two bottles of Black Dog Deluxe because I do not want to trouble myself once I am there. The world class packing of Black Dog ensures that I have no problem carrying it wherever I want to. One I was in Kerala, I landed at Thiruvananthpuram and straight away headed to Kovalam beach, where I had already booked a room for myself at The Leela, and I had already told them to give me a room facing the beach, and they were sweet enough to oblige me. As soon as I entered the room, and opened the curtains, there I could see the magnificent Kovalam beach. It was tremendous. It looked simply impeccable at the sunset. I relaxed myself, took a glass, poured my Black Dog in it and sat down in a chair in the balcony. The feeling was amazing! The winds hitting my face, the roaring sounds of the waves, the well lit beach and the company of Black Dog, it just could not be bettered! I realized why it was called the God’s own country and also that when two heavenly things mix with each other, the pleasure is second to none, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

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