Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home Bar, Not without Black Dog! (II)

Now that we are already familiar with the lingo involved with alcohol, let's move ahead and find out the necessary items which are required to adorn our own home bar. We had everything planned clearly in our minds. We did not wanted it to be a headache, rather we had planned to invest in basic equipments, and stock up on essential liquors. When we talk about essential, I know what comes to your mind. It's Black Dog, right?Then we also had to find a place,where there is direct sunlight, as it had to set up in a cool place with no direct sunlight. Then of course the essentials for setting up, he Barwares; The equipments needed to mix a cocktail. Ice bag, Bar spoon, Muddler, Jigger, Cocktail shaker, Strainer and Ice cube trays. Thereafter we went shopping for Glasswares. For everyday use in a home bar, one only needs six or eight of each of the following three basic types: a short glass, a tall glass, and a stem. Moving on, we then went to our favorite liqour shop, and bought all the variants of Black Dog. It simply added an altogether different look to our bar, and we realized that, even if we would have just got this heavenly liquids, our bar would have been complete. The bottles has a flair, an elegance of their own, and the one drinking it has to love luxury. We certainly did that, and that was why it simply had to be there.
Well, if you too want to set up a home bar, trust me all you need is Black Dog Scotch Whisky and a nice place to keep it! (Although all the aforesaid things won't harm :P)

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