Monday, March 11, 2013

Home Bar, Not without Black Dog!

Well, I am sure the readers already have got a hang of my obsession with Black Dog. Same is the case with one of my friends who happens to be a regularly following my posts. He called up a couple of days back and told me that he wanted to setup a bar at his place. To be honest I was thrilled at this idea and instantly agreed to help him out. We started researching and jotted down some essentials for a home bar. But one thing which did not need any researching was Black Dog Scotch Whisky. It was the first choice of both of us, and obviously it did not even needed to be on the list.We knew that we did not need to be a expert to set up a home bar, and we wanted to enjoy this whole process of setting it up. Here's the list for the interested ones. Firstly we must familiarize ourselves with the lingo.
Liquors : Hard alcohols, such as gin, vodka, whiskey, or brandy. They are distilled from grains, fruits or vegetables and contain no sugar.
Liqueurs : Alcohols flavored with herbs, nuts, fruits and/or  spices and have sugar added. It can be enjoyed sipped as an aperitif (pre-dinner drink) or digestif (post-dinner drink) or mixed to make cocktails.
Bitters : A concentrated form of liqueur (yet they don't taste sweet, but rather bitter as their name suggests) used in small amounts (a few dashes is all you need) in drinks and cocktails.
Mixers are non-alcoholic additions in mixed drinks and cocktails. They include sodas, such as tonic water, seltzer, lemon-lime soda, and juices such as cranberry, orange, lemon and lime.
Syrups are used to sweeten drinks and cocktails. Simple syrups can further be infused with fruits, herbs or spices or they can be made from alternative sweeteners like honey or agave syrup.
Well, this was just for the beginning, however we will share our further research in the next posts. By the way, we already have stocked Black Dog  which would be required for our bar ;)

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