Friday, March 1, 2013

Luxury Redefined by BlackDog!!

When we talk about luxury, there are certain things we cannot do without. Riding a Ferrari, donning a Versace suit, wearing the fragrance of Clive Christian perfume on your body, residing in the suite of President Wilson Hotel in Geneva and a glass of the world’s finest Scotch Whiskey, Black Dog, is synonymous to luxury! It simply cannot get more sumptuous. The aforesaid things are among the best in the class, and each one of them is a lifetime experience. You can have the finest of the scotch whiskeys in the world, but the aroma and the taste of Black Dog Scotch 18 and Black Dog 21 takes you to an altogether different world. The presence of Black Dog all across the world and it’s availability in the most grand places undoubtedly makes it the most sought after Scotch whiskey. The feeling you get as it touches the tip of your tongue, works like magic, and you feel refreshed and relaxed. Not just your tongue, but also the other senses of your body reciprocates the feeling and you are just left amazed at the craftsmanship which goes into creating the most wonderful piece of drink ever created. It relaxes you, calms you and soothes your mind and body, leaving you craving for more. It is an indulgence and trust me, for a change, you do not want to get rid of this. It involves you and makes you feel special. Have it with ice or soda or maybe with even chocolates, the choice is yours and you are bound to love it. It will not burn you from inside, rather will comfort you. It will not make your head spin, but would definitely make you high. Sounds ironic? Well you got to try it on your own and be a part of this sophisticate and elite group to feel the same!

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Live Responsibly, Never Drink and Drive
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