Thursday, March 14, 2013

Memories of That era, with Black Dog!

The other day I told my dad how I was fascinated by this drink Black Dog, and how I have been blogging about it of late. As I was speaking I saw a smile across his face. I instantly knew he too had a fling with this beauty. As I digged harder, he told me one of his encounters. He sat and penned down one of his recent experience. Here's it. "The drizzling was turning into a heavy downpour. I, and my friend decided to relax, spend some time chatting and spend time having the usual adda session at Flury's, but after my reservations about having coffee, we zeroed in at Polynesia, the excellent bar in the Oberoi, which serves only the Classiest and the rarely aged and blended whiskeys on the rock, accompanied by freshly coked cheese balls, roasted peanuts, salted cashew nuts, and of course my friend's fondness of non veg snacks. Once we reached the place our regular waiter immediately arranged our favorite table for the two of us. The tabletop was neatly draped with exclusive linen and Printed Muslin. Once we made ourselves on the leather couch , the waiter brought our all time favourites Black Dog Scotch Whiskey in crystal glasses coupled with crystal decanter, full of tonic and ice bucket levelled with ice cubes. After few sips and cheering ourselves and started feeling the real blending of the Black Dog Scotch Whisky, gradually we started unwinding ourselves and going down the memory lane, and as always we ended up recollecting our memorable days of late thirties and early forties, driving down the Park Street in the epi centre of culture, fashion and glamour in Calcutta, especially Moulin Rouge, located at the heart of Park Street, which used to serve best lobsters and ducks and the choicest Scotch Whiskeys and ofcourse my favourite Black Dog, carrying the legacy of years and years behind. Nothing has changed since, the taste and smell can still be identified even blindfold ! Unfortunately that era is not there anymore, but more fortunately my Black Dog Scotch is still my favourite!"
Reading this I could only say one thing 'Like Father Like Son!'
Courtesy: Oberoi Hotel Website

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