Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Write, because you want to!

One of those days when you just want to write, you do not know what, but the bug inside you just doesn't let you sleep in peace. Yes, today is one of those days. Though this is a chronic event, but seldom is it acute enough to coax you into taking your pen out and jot down something, (figuratively speaking) however random or absurd it may be. I have noticed that this feeling has been creeping in, more often in the past year or so, and the conversion rate of the 'urge to write' to 'actually penning down' has also taken a nosedive in the same time frame. If my experience is something to go by, it seems that this bug hits you more when you have something inside, something you have not achieved but desperately want to, something that leaves you incomplete; and what takes you away from actually writing is the very urge to focus all your energies to complete that 'something' and gift yourself this amazing feeling of completeness. (I am assuming it's amazing, because that's what it's made out to be be and that's what it better be once I achieve it, unless of course success is over rated). But then, once in a while, you just happen to realize that writing gives you peace, (for some it may be music, painting or any other form of channelizing your energy) which in turn will only make you a happy man and bolster your spirits to get out of the hot spot you currently are in. It remains to be seen if it will eventually help me succeed in achieving what I aspire to, but then it does give me a momentary (or may be a little more) feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, which was long overdue. I have no clue why I am writing this but then, I can certainly resonate with the aforementioned feelings! (at least as of now!)
Damn, I am a waiter!

'You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write - Saul Bellow'

(Please excuse the grammatical mistakes if any. I did not want to review it as I stumbled across the above quote just before composing this post')
Signing Off

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