Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love at first sight!

First day at job: A mixed bag of feelings excited, nervous with an instilled sense of pride, and very rightly so! After all Hari was the first guy from his district to join such a reputed firm. Having done his graduation from Gangadhar Institute of Technology, he landed up a job in Infosys along with 261 of his batch mates. He was posted in the Mysore campus for training and was spellbound by the kind of amenities available to them. He was slowly getting used to the corporate culture and gradually started trying to mix up with those coming from urban background, who however did not consider him as one of them. He successfully completed his training and in those three months he added about 700 friends on facebook and had changed his display pic about twenty times, if not more! (Well, we all know how addictive these social networking sites can be, so let's not blame poor Hari! Not to mention, he personally knew just about 50 of them) Anyways, he was finally in the city of dreams, Mumbai and unfortunately none of his friends were in his project or in his campus. Initial days were pretty relaxed which gave him time to roam about, explore the campus and check out the lasses in the adjoining BPO. Before he realized he started seeing (literally) a girl on a regular basis. He adjusted his breaks according to her and even started noticing her entry and exit times, and would even follow her up sometimes. Somehow he wasn't able to know the name of that lady and knowing how fickle the testosterone levels can be, he resorted to his new found passion, Facebook! He searched the BPO employees, checked out their friend list but to no avail. What he did after this was a bold step considering his background, but then that justified his action as well. He had heard of this confession pages from his room mate, a Delhi lad who was also his confidant, convinced him that he must resort to posting on that BPO's confession page and if she takes note she will certainly revert. Mustering all the courage he had to do the most adventurous thing in his life he opened the Confession page and posted.
"Does anyone know this girl who was wearing yellow top yesterday and and orange one day before. She's very fair, put's on eyeliner everyday, has cute dimples and is the cutest girl in the campus. She was wearing black jeans and usually ties her hair. I really wanna be friend with you. If you are reading please send me a frnd request and I shall accept it :)or if anybody else knows then plz let me know." (sic)
Feeling like a gladiator he went to sleep and hoped for a friend request as soon as would login next. However what he saw the next morning was just a comment and innumerable lol's!
Comment: Here is the girl. she works for

P.S: True Story!(with a tinge of masala)
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Aayesha Hakim said...

lol, what a twist :P

Red Handed said...

are yaar. hahahahaha!

Nirvaan said...

@Aayesha @Red : ;)

Thinker said...

I was thinking of totally something else!!!
HAHAHAHA I liked it

TTS said...

lol....that was fantastic!

Nirvaan said...

@Thinker, @TTS: Glad you liked :)

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