Monday, May 18, 2015

Ramayana - Shattered Dreams!

This book portrays the episodes that take place after Dasaratha decides to Crown Rama as the King.What were the circumstances that led Dasaratha to crown Rama in haste, what happens when the decision is made, the reaction it causes in various strata of the society including inside the palace walls, Rama's banishment and how everyone handles this is the gist of this part of the series.
As in previous book, this book too has its share of thrills and chills.The story moves smoothly and kept me hooked on to it. It had my heart pounding in so many places even though I knew what would come!
There are also the footnotes that add a nice reading experience.Several of these notes bring into light the subtleties of the scriptures / like reading between the lines and the others bring out the background story / reason behind a happening. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all.And there are also some parallel stories that add beauty to the story.
And then as with the earlier title, this one too makes an honest account of the Ramayana without too much interpretations by the author. This part I liked the most.
Heart touching are the places where Dasaratha pleads with Kaikeyi to change her mind after he realizes her ploy while she just stands there unmoving-like a stone, Sita, happily joining Rama into banishment, Dasaratha's passing away, etc.
All in all this is a book that I really enjoyed reading. I recommend this book to everyone who loves the epics. Not only is the story retold in a nice manner, the narration is so touching that it will make you a part of the audience witnessing the epic in person

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