Monday, January 11, 2016

The Bestseller She Wrote!

The Bestseller she wrote is a sure shot Bestseller 'he' has written! How beautifully he has connected the dots, every now and then, every time there's something new you understand the relevance of a particular incident a few pages back. A complete page turner it is.
Although the first thing that comes to mind after starting a book by Ravi Subramanian is that the story would be something on banking - perhaps a thriller? He may depict the various things that goes on in a banking setup. However this book has a completely different plot and that's what surprises you. Though, the protagonist is a banker, as are a few other main characters but that's where the connection ends. It's the story of a master and his apprentice. Aptly put by the author himself it is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption!
This could have easily been just another romantic novel by an Indian author where a fan girl falls in love with the star, but how effortlessly Ravi Subramanian has made it into a complete masterpiece. All the characters are so well defined and has a personality trait that I can easily identify a real life Shreya, Maya or for that matter even a Diana for that matter. Such strong female characters, who are not just a 'somebody' in the story but have a very very strong presence. Aditya Kapoor has a enviable life, a perfect one that everyone dreams of. A successful career as a banker, the biggest fiction writer, the paperback king of the nation, an amazing and a loving wife in Maya, who supports him and a beautiful son who loves both his parents dearly. Sounds like perfect, right?. But then, what's the fun there. Enter, Shreya Kaushik, a student at IIM, Bangalore, same institute from where Aditya Kapoor graduated. Beautiful, intelligent and passionate, someone, who can make any man go weak in his knees. And guess what, she also wants to be an author! She finds the easy way out by being in news with the famous Aditya Kapoor. For her, any publicity is good publicity. Her lust for success is such that she doesn't care about right and wrong. Only success matters to her, irrespective of the cost it comes at.
The book has a lot of references to the actual world with the likes of Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, Anurag Kashyap, Nirav Sanghvi finding mentions in it, which makes the book believable. His tips to Shreya on marketing a book, the inside story of what it takes to be a first time publisher, gives you some perspective into the world of publishing. The recent Ebola crisis also finds mentioned. Hence a lot of actual facts are added to the story making it easy for the readers to connect with the characters.
I love the way how believable he has made the story to be. The realization that the lock codes are the same, or the scribbles on Diana's book, all are perfectly realistic, which made me fall in love with the writing.
Overall, a nice read, with simple language which helps in keeping the flow. I finished it in straight 6 hours, close to the time Shreya took to complete Aditya's book ;)
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